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Brand: Aqualla Brassware Model: GW01
WiFi gateway for use in conjunction with EMBER App. This gateway communicates with the RF control components in the home whilst comminicating with the EMBER cloud server via your wireless internet...
Ex Tax:€118.70
Brand: Giacomini Model: 259160
Giacomini R470X001 R470 Thermostatic Radiator Valve Sensor Head   To use heating energy only where and when it is actually needed, the most simple, cheap and reliable independent thermoregulation solution is to equip each radiator in the building with valves with thermostatic op..
Ex Tax:€10.57
Brand: Warmup Model: ELTCW
Tempo in provides the following: BETTER easy-to-use interface and intuitive design   FASTER set up takes just minutes to get right the first time   SMARTER control of energy costs With Tempo, end users can simply program their heating control settings to suit individual ..
Ex Tax:€104.07
Brand: Sauter Model: EPH
EPH 2 Zone Programmer R27..
Ex Tax:€59.19
Brand: Sauter Model: EPH
EPH 3 Zone Programmer R37..
Ex Tax:€137.40
Brand: Flash Model: Flash Programmer and Timer 31100
Flash 31100 Immersion Time Clock Flash Immermat 24hr Immersion Time Clock Complete With Surface Box 16 Amp 24 Hour Time Clock Designed For Timed Control Of Immersion Heating Boilers, Lighting, Watering Systems, etc. In Homes & Businesses...
Ex Tax:€43.09
Model: R37RF
3 zone RF programmer suitable for use with 3 no. RF thermostats. This programmer is compatible with the EMBER App when fitted with an EPH WiFi gateway.   Technical Data PRODUCT CODE NUMBER OF CHANNELS SWITCH OUTPUT BACKPLATE TYPE R37-RF ..
Ex Tax:€223.98
Brand: Sauter Model: Sauter 1 Zone Programmer R17
EPH 1 Zone Programmer R17..
Ex Tax:€43.90
Brand: Flash Model: Flash Programmer 31033
Flash 31033 Dual Time Clock Hot Water & Heating Dual 6A Time Clock Central Heating & Hot Water Programmer Easy To Set, Clock setting in both directions Time Indicator “On” Indicator Lamp. Heating & Hot Water Independently Selected With Switches Timed, Constant Off, Constant On Switching Opti..
Ex Tax:€76.83
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