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Brand: Saniflo Model: SaniBest Pro
Sanibest accepts waste and water from a WC, hand basin, shower and urinal. The unit features a high performance motor combined with a radical macerator action powerful enough to cope with the occasional sanitary item accidentally disposed of in the WC. It is the preferred un..
Ex Tax:€598.37
Brand: Saniflo Model: SaniCondens Plus
Quiet and light, it is designed to operate with water at a mean temperature of 35°C and occasionally with water up to 80°C and a minimum pH of 2.5...
Ex Tax:€120.33
Brand: Saniflo Model: SaniPlus
Takes the waste from a WC, a wash basin and a shower then pumps it through 22mm small-bore pipework, vertically up to 5 metres or horizontally up to 100 metres or a lesser combination of both. Waste from the WC is dealt with first when the WC is flushed. Waste water is drained by gravity from show..
Ex Tax:€514.64
Brand: Saniflo Model: Sanipro Macerator
The Sanipro is a system that is used to install a complete bathroom up to 15 feet below the sewer line, or even up to 150 feet away from a soil stack.  It can handle the effluent from a toilet, sink, bathtub and shower. The Sanipro is simplicity itself to install; there are just four connect..
Ex Tax:€446.34
Brand: Saniflo Model: SaniSpeed
This unit is a pump that will clear the waste from a shower and washbasin, bath, washing machine,glass washer and a sink in a light commercial situation...
Ex Tax:€503.25
Brand: Saniflo Model: SaniFlo
The Saniflo macerator pump unit fits unobtrusively behind the WC. You may choose any make or colour of WC suite (BS EN 33 or 37 Horizontal Outlet) you want to suit your decorative scheme. When the WC is flushed the unit automatically activates to pump waste horizontally to a remote soil pipe up..
Ex Tax:€324.39
Brand: Saniflo Model: SaniSlim
Takes waste from a WC and waste water from a wash basin, shower or bidet, pumping it away to 4 metres vertically, 40 metres horizontally or a lesser combination of both. A clearance of 320mm is required from floor level to the underside of a close coupled suite to accommodate the discharge elbow...
Ex Tax:€451.22
Brand: Saniflo Model: SaniTop
The Sanitop is a system that is used to install a half-bathroom up to 12 feet below the sewer line, or even up to 120 feet away from a soil stack.  It can handle the effluent from a toilet and sink in a residential application. The Sanitop is simplicity itself to install; there are just four..
Ex Tax:€381.30
Brand: Saniflo Model: SaniVite
The Sanivite is a gray water pump that is ideally suitable for use in a basement apartment or anywhere in the house where additional fixtures are most wanted.  It will pump waste water away from a variety of sources such as: a kitchen sink, laundry sink, washing machine (indirect connection), d..
Ex Tax:€460.24
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